Lydia Pearce Pupil Barrister at Broadway House Chambers Expert on Pre-Charge Bail
Lydia PearcePupil Barrister at Broadway House ChambersExpert on Pre-Charge Bail

Training for Police Forces

As of November 2016 less than 10% of police forces in England and Wales were prepared for the changes to pre-charge bail. Don't be left behind the times, act now!

It is not too late to ensure your force is ready for change, use the contact page to find out how you can have a full training package ready to disseminate within 5 working days.


Tailor make your training package from our products to complement your existing programme or purchase the full bundle at a discount for a comprehensive and cohesive training plan for all levels.


Our training products include:

  • AnkiApp smart flashcards which can be downloaded to any mobile device and accessed at any time. A smart algorithm will track the learning of each user and adapt the programme to them accordingly.
  • Online lectures with sound and visuals, presented in an engaging and simple way.
  • E-learning packages using opensource products, accessable from any computer or tablet.
  • Takeaway factsheets for quick and easy reference.
  • Skype conferences and support, purchase time with Lydia Pearce Legal online support.
  • Train the trainer, Lydia Pearce Legal will work with your training and development staff to help you deliver training in person.


The Policing and Crime Bill is came into force on 3rd April 2017 bringing in huge changes to the way in which pre-charge bail is handled.


The new pre-charge bail provisions will impact upon the practical work of all ranks of officer from PC to ACC and will change practices across many key work areas including custody, all investigatory departments and biometrics.


At the pre-charge bail event held by the College of Policing and National Police Chief's Council on 16th November, it became apparent that the vast majority of forces across England and Wales did not yet have a training programme in place.


Ensure your force is ready for the changes, don't be on the back foot.


Lydia Pearce has been working in police custody for over 7 years and has recently passed the UK Bar exams.


  • Lydia is a legal consultant to the National Police Chief's Council on pre-charge bail.
  • She wrote the arguments which lead to amendments being drafted into the bill to clarify the 28 day initial bail period.
  • Her analysis of pre-charge bail has been published by Criminal Law and Justice Weekly.
  • Lydia produced the definitive guidance to pre-charge bail under the bill, which is currently being used by police forces across the UK and is available for free from this website.


Lydia has written a training package aimed at police forces in England and Wales. As an expert in the field and a user of police training materials she has created a package which enables the end user at any rank to understand and apply the new law.


Use the contact page to find out how you could save your force time, money, resources and from making embarrassing legal mistakes.


Don't get left behind.

Contact for your free copy of Guidance to Pre-Charge Bail

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