Lydia Pearce Pupil Barrister at Broadway House Chambers Expert on Pre-Charge Bail
Lydia PearcePupil Barrister at Broadway House ChambersExpert on Pre-Charge Bail

BPTC Skype Tutoring

When I started studying law I was warned that it was like trying to quench your thirst by being blasted with a water canon.


The BPTC is difficult, but it can also be very rewarding and will teach you skills which will be of use in all areas of life.


I was awarded a Commendation for the Graduate Diploma in Law in 2013, having passsed all exams on my first attempt. I went on to study the BPTC part time between 2014-2016. I was awarded a Very Competent and passed all assessments on my first attempt.


Whilst studying I also worked full- time, ran a small business with my partner, fell pregnant and moved house and......I survived!!!!!


I am available for Skype tutorials on Criminal and Civil Litigation.


I am open to discussing the Ethics module if you require assistance on this subject.


I do not offer tutorials in other subjects because of their practical nature (Written Skills, Conference and Advocacy) and in the options modules because these change between providers. But I am happy to have informal discussions on these subjects.


Skype tutoring is billed at £20.00 per hour.


If you sign up to 5 hours of tutoring you can buy the Civil and Criminal Litigation notes bundle for £75 (plus £5.00 postage and packing) including the FREE Top 10 hints for bagging a BPTC Scholarship factsheet.


All tutoring must be paid for in advance.


Tutoring services are not intended to be a replacement for attending lectures and seminars at your education provider, nor will they diminish the volume of work you need to do in order to pass the bar.


Lydia Pearce nor any associates will be liable for loss, mistake, embarassment, errors made as a result of reliance on materials and advice given. Students have a duty to check that any materials and notes are up to date both with the law and the current BSB syllabus.

Contact for your free copy of Guidance to Pre-Charge Bail

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