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Lydia PearcePupil Barrister at Broadway House ChambersExpert on Pre-Charge Bail

BPTC Revision Resources

Revision resources are available for the Criminal and Civil Litigation subjects of the BPTC.


People learn in different ways, therefore the resources are available in a range of media.


AnkiApp Flashcards use an algorithm to ensure you make most efficient use of your study time. By learning which cards you already know and those you find more difficult the app tests you more often on the cards you need more practice on.


AnkiApp flashcards are available for the whole criminal and civil litigation syllabus.


The Civil Litigation syllabus is broken down into pictures and mnemonics to make the dry subject more memorable.


The Criminal Litigation syllabus is broken down into a set of succinct notes for each syllabus area.


The materials are written for the BSB syllabus as approved for 2016. But, all purchased notes will entitle the purchaser to free updates. Please see the free updates section for more information.


Note bundles cost £50.00 per subject, or buy Criminal and Civil Litigation bundles together for £80.00. (A charge of £5.00 postage and packaging is added to all orders)


****All purchases will be accompanied with a FREE top 10 hints and tips for bagging a BPTC Scholarship factsheet*****


As part of the evolution of the product, if you are able to find an error or update to the notes you will be refunded £5 of your purchase price. This means that if you help us improve the notes by finding 8 errors or updates, you will have helped other students and had your note bundle for half price!


Lydia Pearce nor any associates will be liable for loss, mistake, embarrassment, errors made as a result of reliance on materials and advice given. Students have a duty to check that any materials and notes are up to date both with the law and the current BSB syllabus.

The £5 refund offer is subject to Lydia Pearce's approval of the error or update suggested, the refund amount is capped at half the purchase price and does not include postage and packaging. If 2 or more people make the same suggestion the person who noted it first will be eligible for the refund. Suggestions must be made within 28 days of purchase. All decisions are final.

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