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Lydia PearcePupil Barrister at Broadway House ChambersExpert on Pre-Charge Bail

Version 4 of Guidance to Pre-Charge Bail NOW AVAILABLE

Guidance to Pre-Charge Bail, the wiki-worked definitive guidance to the changes to bail made by the Policing and Crime Bill, has been updated and is now available.


Following the committee stage in the House of Lords the latest draft of the bill was released on 16th November.


In addition, Guidance to Pre-Charge Bail has been circulated to various experts and stakeholders and their feedback has helped shape the new document.


Primarily there are now 2 versions of the document available, the full text which includes:


Explanation of the law;

The relevant clauses from the Policing and Crime Bill;

The relevant law as it currently stands;

The law as it will stand after the bill comes into force;

Plain English explanation and application of that law.


There is also the shorter 'Plain English Explanation only' version available which contains the same analysis as the full text, but none of the legislation.


Use the contact page to request your free copy of the guidance or to send any suggestions for improvements.

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