Lydia Pearce Pupil Barrister at Broadway House Chambers Expert on Pre-Charge Bail
Lydia PearcePupil Barrister at Broadway House ChambersExpert on Pre-Charge Bail

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24th June 2017: Lydia Pearce moves into practice in September 2017

Having spent the last 6 years studying law part-time Lydia Pearce has been offered pupillage at top tier set Broadway House Chambers

'I fought the law and the... LAW CHANGED!'

12th April 2017: Lydia Pearce's arguments put forward last year were successful in changing the Policing and Crime Act 2017

Lydia charts the journey of the amendments made to S63 of the Act starting with her critical article published by Criminal Law and Justice last year.

New Guidance Document OUT NOW

11th April 2017: The guidance document used by practitioners, academics and lawyers to keep up to date on pre-charge bail has been updated

Version 5 of Guidance to Pre-Charge Bail is available for free via the contact page of this website.

Waiting for the axe to fall... Does new legislation solve the mischief it set out to correct?

5th April 2017: The bail provisions in the Policing and Crime Act were supposed to bring certainty and closure to bailees, on this goal it has failed.

I'm being re-bailed, will it be for 28 days?

4th April 2017: In response to a frequently asked question, will the new bail limits apply to those already on bail?

Read on for my analysis of the act and how it will impact on pre exisiting bail.

Version 4 of Guidance to Pre-Charge Bail NOW AVAILABLE

14th December 2016: The free guidance document has been updated and is available from this website.

The latest version of the guidance document takes into account changes made during House of Lords committee and is now available in 2 formats.

NPCC and College of Policing host conference on Police Bail.

26th November 2016: UK police forces told what to expect in April 2017

November 16th saw representatives from UK police forces attend the College of Policing site in Ryton to learn about the changes to Pre-Charge Bail

Latest Draft of Policing and Crime Bill published

16th November: Home Office put forward amendments to clarify the position around 28 day bail limit in response to arguments raised by Lydia Pearce and NPCC

CPD Points No Longer Required

The SRA confirms that as of 1st November 2016 solicitors no longer need to count up CPD points, favouring a more qualitative approach to training and putting the onus on practitioners.

Lydia Pearce published in Criminal Law & Justice Weekly

Lydia's analysis of the Policing and Crime Bill shows up a tricky paradox

Published on Friday 25th June, the article titled Schrodinger's Bail illuminated problems in the hastily drafted bill.

Contact for your free copy of Guidance to Pre-Charge Bail

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