Lydia Pearce Legal Adviser, Tutor and Trainer Expert on Pre-Charge Bail
Lydia PearceLegal Adviser, Tutor and TrainerExpert on Pre-Charge Bail

Expert in Pre-Charge Police Bail.

Bar Graduate and Middle Temple Scholar

Lydia Pearce Legal offers a full training package for police forces and legal practitioners on the incoming bail changes. She is also available for tutoring current BPTC students and study materials are available for the centrally set Criminal and Civil Litigation exams. See the Services page for more details.


Lydia Pearce passed the UK bar in July 2016 having been awarded 2 major scholarships and whilst working full time in police custody.


She is currently legal adviser to the National Police Chief's Council as they prepare UK police forces for implementation of the Policing and Crime Bill in April 2017.


Her analysis has been published by Criminal Law and Justice Weekly and has formed the backbone of arguments forcing the Home Office to amend the bill.


Lydia has written the definitive guidance being used by UK police forces on the changes to pre-charge bail in the bill. This document and all updates to it are available free of charge via the contact page of this website.


Training for UK Police Forces

ManyUK police forces have no current training package in place for the changes to pre-charge bail which came into force on 3rd April 2016. Lydia Pearce can provide a full training package with materials to ensure your officers are up to date with the law.

Training for Legal Practitioners

The way in which suspects are released from custody during an investigation altered radically as of 3rd April. Ensure your practitioners are up to date with the new rights and requirements imposed by the Policing and Crime Bill.

BPTC Skype tutoring

Studying for the England and Wales Bar exams is extremely challenging (I know, I did it whilst working for the police full time and being heavily pregnant!) Having survived the process and passing all exams on my first try let me assist you by making it more manageable.

BPTC Revision Resources

I used a range of techniques, materials and media to make passing the England and Wales Bar exams a reality. Those materials and techniques are now available for you to download and use.



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