Lydia Pearce Pupil Barrister at Broadway House Chambers Expert on Pre-Charge Bail
Lydia PearcePupil Barrister at Broadway House ChambersExpert on Pre-Charge Bail

Expert in Pre-Charge Police Bail.

Pupil Barrister at Broadway House Chambers

Lydia Pearce is an engaging and interesting public speaker, having recently given speeches at the historic Middle Temple in London to 300 aspiring barristers and ULaw Leeds. She is passionate about increasing diversity at the bar and enabling access to groups who may not have been as well represented in the profession historically.


Feedback received from previous engagements includes:


I just wanted to email to say THANK YOU for your amazing speech on Saturday at Middle Temple. I’m a council estate kid from Manchester and was feeling a little out of place when I arrived at the Inn Friday. But your talk was so inspirational and you made me believe that pupillage and actually being successful is possible! 


Hi, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your talk at the Middle Temple introductory weekend and how inspired and motivating I found it. I would like to thank you enormously for taking the time to talk to me at the end of the talk


Thank you for accepting my connection request! I'm not surprised you've had requests since Saturday, as I believe your personality reached a lot of us at Middle Temple. We did not speak on the day, as there was rather a lot of people so I attempted to find you here and succeeded. As a free school meals kid myself, it was nice to hear from someone at the bar who also found funding difficult, and has still made it! The route to the bar is difficult but definitely rewarding. Although the thought of not getting pupillage is forever daunting, your speech really helped reassure me as to how to put myself in the best position to gain pupillage.


Lydia is available for bookings and happy to discuss access to the bar on a 1 to 1 basis. Please see use the contact form for more details.


Lydia Pearce was called to the UK bar in July 2017 having been awarded 2 major scholarships.


She is currently undertaking pupillage with Broadway House Chambers in Leeds and Bradford. This follows a succesful secondment as a legal adviser to the National Police Chief's Council (NPCC) as they prepared UK police forces for implementation of the Policing and Crime Bill in April 2017.


Her analysis of the changes to pre-charge bail have been published by Criminal Law and Justice Weekly and formed the backbone of arguments used by the NPCC forcing the Home Office to amend the bill.


Lydia has written the definitive guidance being used by UK police forces on the changes to pre-charge bail in the bill. This document and all updates to it are available free of charge via the contact page of this website.


Training for UK Police Forces

ManyUK police forces have no current training package in place for the changes to pre-charge bail which came into force on 3rd April 2016. Lydia Pearce can provide a full training package with materials to ensure your officers are up to date with the law.

Training for Legal Practitioners

The way in which suspects are released from custody during an investigation altered radically as of 3rd April. Ensure your practitioners are up to date with the new rights and requirements imposed by the Policing and Crime Bill.

BPTC Skype tutoring

Studying for the England and Wales Bar exams is extremely challenging (I know, I did it whilst working for the police full time and being heavily pregnant!) Having survived the process and passing all exams on my first try let me assist you by making it more manageable.

BPTC Revision Resources

I used a range of techniques, materials and media to make passing the England and Wales Bar exams a reality. Those materials and techniques are now available for you to download and use.



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